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The Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project (SHARP)

The Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project (SHARP) is a long-term multi period, multi disciplinary research project to investigate the entire range of human settlement and land use in the North West Norfolk parish of Sedgeford. There are six weeks of excavations, which are complemented by landscape archaeology and historical research work that continues throughout the year.

Ongoing work encompasses multiple sites from a large scale excavation of a Saxon cemetery to exploratory test pits in back gardens across Sedgeford. We use a wide range of techniques including map regression, geophysics and standing building surveys.

But it is more than that! Now in its 12th year, SHARP is one of the biggest independent archaeology projects in Britain, rooted in the local community. We have won awards for our outstanding contribution to education. The project is democratic, innovative and believes in making archaeology more accessible for everyone.

Anyone can visit the dig or attend our public lectures during the six weeks of excavations in July and August. We also run courses and day schools, many needing no prior knowledge of archaeology. SHARP is a democratic project with experts, professionals, amateurs and complete beginners involved at every level. People of all ages and backgrounds take part as volunteers, supervisors, "friends" or summer visitors.

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