Sedgeford Norfolk, PE36 5NG, United Kingdom.


Neighbourhood Planning

Parishioners were invited to an open meeting on 20th July, to discuss proposals to create a Neighbourhood Plan for the village. Jemma March from the Borough Council gave us information about the process and explained why having a Neighbourhood Plan can be a useful resource. Producing such a plan can provide an opportunity for everyone in the village to discuss how they would like their community to develop in the future. While the main emphasis might be on the future use and development of land, it is also a chance to consider other topics which affect our quality of life.
Following this presentation, councillors agreed to start the process. More information about how you can become involved will be available soon.

Application for Poultry Unit in Sedgeford

The further-revised application for the Poultry Unit in Sedgeford appears on the Borough Council Website:

This application is on the agenda for the Planning Department's meeting on Monday 1st August.

No to Poultry Factory Action Group

The Action Group opposing the poultry unit held its first AGM on Friday 26th February. Information about the Group can be found at:

The Action Group has now set up a Facebook page - which can be found at:

Poultry Unit at Whin Close

For those who were unable to attend the open morning on 7th November, information produced by Newcome-Baker Farms about the proposed poultry unit can be found at: Poultry Farm Website

Forthcoming Events

Watch this space.