Sedgeford Norfolk, PE36 5NG, United Kingdom.


New Application for Poultry Unit in Sedgeford

The revised application for the Poultry Unit in Sedgeford appears on the Borough Council Website:

The Parish Council held a meeting on Monday 4th January, where members of the public expressed their views on the application. The parish council sent a brief response to the planning department at that point. Then, at a full Council Meeting on 20th January, councillors voted to oppose these plans and sent their comments to the planning department.

It now seems unlikely that the Borough Council will consider the application before May or June.

No to Poultry Factory Action Group

The Action Group opposing the poultry unit held its first AGM on Friday 26th February. Information about the Group can be found at:

The Action Group has now set up a Facebook page - which can be found at:

Poultry Unit at Whin Close

For those who were unable to attend the open morning on 7th November, information produced by Newcome-Baker Farms about the proposed poultry unit can be found at: Poultry Farm Website

Affordable Housing

On 18th November, Mr C Campbell (Sedgeford Hall Estate) and Mr J Lefever (Hastoe Housing Association) gave a presentation about possible developments at Cole Green and Docking Road, explaining how these proposals could increase provision of affordable housing in the village. Mr Lefever said there would be further consultation with local residents once they have more detailed plans for the Cole Green site.
A planning application was received in January for the Docking Road site. Councillors considered these plans at their meeting on 20th January and agreed that they would like to discuss plans for this site at the same time as proposals for the site at Cole Green.

The plans and comments relating to them can be viewed at:

Telecommunications Mast

The Borough Council's Planning Committee discussed the plans for a telecommunications mast on the playing field in Sedgeford at their meeting on 2nd November. After due consideration of the various submissions received, the Committee decided to approve these plans.

Work on the site has now started.

Forthcoming Events

Watch this space.